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「ディーパック・チョプラ : 人生の本質」 その8。魂とは何か? 死とは何か? “Deepak Chopra : The Book of secrets” No.8. What is soul? What is death?


A wisdom not to be afraid of death――more to come both in English and in Japanese.



Looking at the creation, which is filled with objects of the senses, they (the ancient sages of India) came up with a special term, Akasha, to fit the soul. The word Akasha literally means “space,” but the larger concept is of soul space, the field of awareness.

地球上に満ちた創造物に目を向けたとき、彼ら (インドの古代の賢者たち) は魂にぴったりとくるアーカーシャという特別な単語を生み出しました。アーカーシャという言葉は言語学的には「空」「虚空」という意味ですが、大きくとらえれば魂の空間、意識の領域を意味します。


When you die, you don’t go anywhere because you are already in the dimension of Akasha, which is everywhere. (In quantum physics, the tiniest subatomic particle is everywhere in spacetime before it gets localized as a particle. Its nonlocal existence is just as real but invisible.)

死ぬときにも、あなたはすでにアーカーシャの中に存在し、そしてそれはいたるところにあるのだから、あなたはどこに行くこともない、ということです (量子物理学的に言えば、宇宙に存在する一番小さな亜原子粒子は、粒子として認識される以前にすでに宇宙の至るところに存在していました。つまり、確かにあるけれど、目には見えず、どこにもない存在なのです)。


According to these ancient sages, the cause of all suffering, according to the first klesha, is not knowing who you are. If you are the unbounded field, then death is not at all what we’ve feared.

これらの古代の賢人たちによれば、すべての苦悩 (クレーシャ) の原因は、自分が誰かを知らないということだと言っています。あなたが自分は自由な領域であることを知れば、死は私たちが恐れるに足らないものなのです。


The purpose of death is to imagine yourself into a new form with a new location in space and time. In other words, you imagine yourself into this particular lifetime, and after death you will dip back into the unknown to imagine your next form.



I don’t consider this a mystical conclusion (in part because I’ve had discussions with physicists who support this possibility, given all they know about the nonlocality of energy and particles).

私はこれを神秘主義的結論とはみなしていません (一つには、私がこの説を物理学者たちと何度も議論を繰り返したからです。彼らは、この説を認め、エネルギーと粒子の量子非局所性について知っている限りのことを教えてくれたのです)。


I own a TV set with a remote control, and when I push a button I can change from CNN to MTV to PBS. Until I press the remote, those programs don’t exist on the screen; it’s as if they don’t exist at all. Yet I know that each program, complete and intact, is in the air as electromagnetic vibrations waiting to be selected.



In the same way, you exist in Akasha before your body and mind pick up the signal and express it in the three-dimensional world. Your soul is like the multiple channels available on TV; your karma (or actions) picks the program.



Without believing in either one, you still can appreciate the astonishing transition from a potential hanging around in space――as TV programs do――to a full-blown event in the three-dimensional world



What, then, will it be like when you die? It might be like changing channels. Imagination will continue to do what it has always been doing――popping new images up on the screen.




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