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「ディーパック・チョプラ : 人生の本質」 その2。「エゴ」を捨ててはいけない? “Deepak Chopra : The Book of secrets” No.2. Can’t “ego” be thrown out?


Be it religious or spiritual, it might be a general idea that “ego” is evil and should be thrown out. However, Deepak Chopra, whose books are translated in the countries all over the world, seems to have a different consideration――more to come both in English and in Japanese.



To believe in one reality that is totally interconnected isn’t mystical at all, it turns out. How, then, did the belief in one reality fall apart? There was another alternative, which also put each person at the center of his or her own world. But instead of being included, one feels alone and isolated, driven by personal desire rather than a shared life force or communion through the soul.



This is the choice we call ego, although it has been called by other names, such as the pursuit of pleasure, the bondage of karma, and (if we resort to a religious vocabulary) banishment from paradise. So thoroughly does it permeate our culture, following your ego doesn’t feel like a choice anymore.



We’ve all been carefully trained since childhood in the ways of I, me, and mine. Competition teaches us that we have to fight for what we want. The threat of other egos, who feel as isolated and alone as we do, is ever present――our desires could be thwarted if someone else gets there first.




I don’t have an ego-bashing agenda in mind here. Ego bashing looks for a villain whose actions keep people from finding happiness, which is the underlying reason why people suffer, why they never find their true self, God, or the soul. The ego, we are told, blinds us with its constant demands, its greed, selfishness, and insecurity.



This is a common theme but a mistaken one, because throwing the ego into the dark, making it an enemy, only creates more division and fragmentation. If there is one reality, it must be all-inclusive. The ego can’t be thrown out any more than desire can be thrown out.

あまりにもよくいわれる話ですが、それは間違った考え方です。エゴを闇に葬り、悪役にしたてることは、より多くの分離と分裂をもたらすだけだからです。もし、一つの大きな真実が存在するとすれば、そこにはすべてが (エゴも含めて) 含まれているはずです。となれば、エゴは、願望と同じくらい捨ててはならないもののはずです。



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